" It is important to make perfect what is imperfect or what is incomplete to complete"
-Koo Hye Sun

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ku Hye Sun - "Peach Tree Novel"

Ku Hye Sun have write her latest novel in 2012 with the tittle "Peach Tree" after writing another novel tittle "Tango" which have become bestseller in South Korean and also in Indonesia. 
How i wish the novel is translate into English.

She also direct her latest film with the same tittle.

 Ku Hye Sun with "Peach Tree" novel.

Ku Hye Sun at "Peach Tree" Novel Autograph event at Gwanghwamun Kyoba Books on 03.11.2012

Cool eh..she can act, direct a movie/film [7 film till now] , write novel [3 novel already], painting, compose songs, singer-songwriter, playing piano, doing 2 paint exhibition already all at the age of 28.

ahh.. she make feel so shamefull...
i haven't achieve anything in mylife so far...
~~~Eotteoke.... (huhuhu)

This is Ku Hye Sun first novel tittle, "Tango"

"Tango" Novel - Ku Hye Sun

It also become No 1 bestseller in Indonesia

Some of picture during her Tango Novel Autograph event in Seoul, South Korea
on May 9, 2009 at Jamsil Kyobo Book Centre

Credit picture: http://www.dramabeans.com

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  1. My dear, u did achieve something at the age of 28, an offer letter to continue your PhD..hehe.. fighting my lil laushu..